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Labour International Paris and North East France meets in the café Le Verre Luisant, 64 rue de la Verrerie, 75004 every first Wednesday of the month at 19h and on zoom every second Wednesday of the month (get details from the branch secretary)  See our new twitter and instagram pages here: and here:


Black Lives Matter

10 Things You Can Do to Help Labour Win the Next General Election on December 12th (from Paris or Elsewhere)

Here are 10 things you can do to help Labour win an election, even if, like us, you live overseas.

  1. Vote Labour

To register, or check that you are already registered, click here.

It takes about 5 minutes.  You’ll need your national insurance number, and, if voting from abroad, your passport number.  Don’t wait to register:  the paperwork takes time to process.

You will have the choice of registering for a postal vote or a proxy vote (somebody you trust, in the UK, casting a vote on your behalf).  Opt for a proxy vote if possible.  Overseas postal votes often arrive late and aren’t counted.  If you are from Northern Ireland you can’t register for a postal vote, but you can vote by proxy as an Overseas Elector.

  1. Join the Labour Party

Joining the party is one of the easiest ways to help Labour and get connected with your local group, whether you are in Britain or abroad.  You will find out more about campaigning, get access to campaign resources and, who knows, maybe one day become a candidate yourself.

You can join Labour by clicking here.

Standard membership only costs £4 per month, and it is even cheaper for young people, the unwaged and current or former members of the armed forces.

  1. Learn what Labour stand for.

The Labour Party is a democratic socialist party that believes that by the strength of our common endeavour we achieve more than we achieve alone.

Jeremy Corbyn’s vision for Britain is based on ten pledges:

  1. Full Employment
  2. A Secure Homes Guarantee
  3. Security at Work
  4. A Secure NHS and Social Care
  5. A National Education Service
  6. Action to secure our Environment
  7. Put the Public Back into our Economy
  8. Cut Inequality in Income and Wealth
  9. Action to Secure an Equal Society
  10. Peace and Justice at the Heart of Foreign Policy

You can learn more about the 10 pledges here.

  1. Follow Labour Figures on Social Media

Follow and interact with party candidates and groups on social media, and share the latest happenings from within the campaign on your own walls, timelines, threads, and blogs.

You can start with the official Twitter handles of the UKScottishWelsh and Northern Irish Labour parties and their leaders Jeremy Corbyn,

Find all the latest Labour press releases here.

Oh, and you can also find us or on our facebook page

  1. Find out about your local candidate

To find out who your local candidate and Labour team are, enter your postcode here.  If you are no longer in the UK then your vote will be tied to your last constituency and, equally, if you’re going to be somewhere in Britain during this election cycle and want to get involved there, this site will help you find the right people.

Through the website you can find out what your candidate stands for, both locally and nationally, and if they are a standing MP you can see their voting record.  If you see something that inspires or interests you, then talk about it on social media.  Want to get involved in doorknocking and leafleting?  You can register to help the Labour party by entering your details here.

  1. Download and distribute campaign materials

An easy way to raise the visibility of the Labour campaign is by putting up and handing out campaign materials, like pamphlets, leaflets, and posters. For example, you can find 100 A4 “I’m Voting Labour” posters for a donation of just £7 here. All of the party’s materials can be found at the Labour campaign shop, and most constituency branches (including Labour International Paris) will be stocking up on stuff as soon as possible.

  1. Phone bank (information coming soon)

Phone banking is calling registered voters to encourage them to vote Labour.  This is a great opportunity to talk to people about what Labour stands for and answer questions people have about the party and the election.

Labour organize everything in advance, setting a date and a location where everyone gathers together.  An average session lasts about an hour.  We provide you everything that you will need, and there are plenty of experienced members to help teach you how it’s done and guide you through the process.

Labour International Paris will be organising phone banking sessions.  Keep an eye on this website for news of dates and times, and don’t be afraid to come and join in.

  1. Come to Labour International Paris Meetings (or your local branch)

Labour International Paris is the constituency group of Labour International for the Paris region.  We meet on the first Wednesday of every month from 19.00 in Le Verre Luisant café in Paris, and we meet the second Wednesday of the month by ZOOM, so you don’t have to travel, just have your laptop or phone at the ready.   We have regular events and meetings.

You can keep up with us on  or on our Facebook page  We also get more media opportunities than any of us can handle so you are welcome to help us out.

You don’t have to live in Paris to come meet us, nor do you have to be a member of the Labour Party (once you get to know us you’ll want to be one anyway!)  If you aren’t in Paris but would like to find your local group, check out this link.  Branch meetings are a great way to meet like-minded people and get involved in the campaign.

  1. Donate

A general election campaign costs over £20,000 for each candidate. They have to pay staff, buy leaflets, correx boards, and rosettes, rent committee rooms, and do all this while inevitably being outspent by the Conservatives and their wealthy, special-interests benefactors.

Labours funding comes from people like you and me.  Don’t give more than you can afford – we all know how tough times are in austerity Britain – but anything that you can donate will go straight into helping our key seat candidates.

If you’d like to donate to the labour party, please click here.

10.  Get everyone you know to register for DECEMBER 12th 2019

Boris Johnson wants people to think that this is his election is about Brexit and that his party is carrying out ‘the will of  the people’.  The Lib Dems are in denial that they were in coalition with the Tory government and are responsible for some of the worst austerity Britain has known in years, which was condemned by the UN

We want to heal a divided Britain and solve real issues: Properly fund our NHS and keep it a public service.  We want to fund schools properly, build homes for young people, launch our fantastic New Green Deal to combat the climate crisis

What shall I do now?

If you’d like to hear more from Labour International Paris, then subscribe to this blog, or like our  and do come to our meetings.  We love to meet new people.  And if you have ideas for more ways to get involved in the campaign, leave a message in the comments.

This article was put together by Labour International Paris and NE France

We are a registered Association in France.


We in Labour International Paris and North East France stand in unconditional solidarity with Black Lives Matter, committed to creating a world where every Black person has the social, economic, and political power to thrive.

After the removal of the statues of slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol, King Leopold II in Brussels, Robert Milligan in London and numerous Confederate monuments across the United States, Labour Paris and North-East France further stands in support of a movement to end the public celebration of individuals who built their reputations on colonial violence.

Our branch urges the municipal authorities in Paris and North-East France to take similar action to the Mayor of London, in ordering a review of all landmarks (statues, street names, names of public buildings and plaques) for their links to slavery.

As a branch of the international constituency of the Labour Party — with over 2500 members in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia, the Middle East and the Americas — Labour Paris and North-East France urges other branches of Labour International to put similar pressure on the cities in which they are situated.

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